Robyn Danet Alley
1961 — 2019

Robyn Danet Alley passed away while in John C. Lincoln Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, September 16, 2019. She was born October 28, 1961 in Phoenix, Arizona to Bob and Jean Alley.


Robyn loved and was loved by many. She loved her mother, her brothers, her dad and stepmom, her sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles. Robyn had wonderful times with her staff at her group home and day program who took special care of her. Robyn made friends and had loving relationships wherever she went. Everyone seemed to fall under her spell as she loved all of us.


Robyn took a special pleasure in being outside, playing in the ocean, smelling pretty flowers, pulling weeds, traveling, hugs, food, spending time with her family and friends and her cats.


Robyn had Prader Willi Syndrome which made her life a unique one unlike most others. Robyn was the epitome of “the girl with the curl, right in the middle of her forehead.” When she was good, she was SOOO good and Good was Most of the time.


Robyn brought so much joy and laughter into our lives. We were so blessed to have been chosen by our God to be her family. Through her we have learned true unconditional love, compassion, patience, kindness and forgiveness. She at times could push us to frustration and impatience but she was always forgiving and loving.


Robyn loved holidays and birthdays. Christmas, Easter, Halloween and everyone’s birthdays, her own most of all. She loved receiving and sending cards. She liked sending birthday cards, usually enclosing a dollar for the recipient. Later she would ask what they spent the dollar on.


Robyn kept Christmas and birthdays special for all of us. Squealing with delight as she opened each gift. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny generously remembered Robyn each Christmas and Easter as she expected.


Robyn loved coming home to mother’s house to visit ·an d to see her cats Shasta and Ella. She loved hearing what funny things they had done and if it wasn’t good, she would always say, “Oh No!”


Robyn liked her money. When she was paid for her work, she enjoyed getting her check. When asked how much money she was making, she always replied “Big bucks.” She spent lots of time checking her billfold and other secret places to make sure her money was all there.


Sometimes she would slip some in her pocket before going to the store but when asked if she had any money to buy a drink, she would say “no,” expecting someone else to pay. Her brothers loved teasing her because she loved it when they did. They would ask her for a loan and she would say how much are you going to give me back?


Robyn loved hamburgers, particularly the McDonald’s Big Mac. She always wanted a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder – but Do Not get her a Happy Meal! “Those are for little kids.” One other food she disliked was liver. “We don’t like liver!”


Robyn had a beautiful singing voice and perfect pitch. She quickly learned the melodies of songs she liked and could pick out any melody on her keyboard. Two of her many favorites were “Memories from Cats” and “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck.”


She will be fondly remembered for the “Robyn-isms” that we all quote. “For Pete’s sake.” “I lost weight… 1,000 pounds.” “What are they going to say about how skinny I am?” “Oh My God” when hearing the pets had done something bad. When returning to her house, “What are the girls going to say?” When enjoying herself or enjoying a good meal, “Dad, Steve or Dave or someone else is going to miss out.”


She was a Christian who loved Jesus. She would sing hymns and quietly sit and pray, thanking God for people she loved and things she liked. She often prayed while riding in the car with Mom who recently realized Robyn may have been praying about her driving.


She is survived by her parents Jean Alley, Bob and Claire Alley, Brothers Steve (Ellie), David (Amber) and sister, Kim Roer. Nieces Madison, MacKenzie and Cassidy. Nephews Nick and Canyon. Robyn was proceeded in death by her stepfather Bob Patton.