Donor Resources

We have developed the following resources to help you and your family plan and communicate your intent to become a brain donor for Autism BrainNet.

While pre-registration is not required to become a brain donor for Autism BrainNet, long-term planning will help ensure that a donor’s decision is respected.

Brain Donor Card

You can download, print, and place the Autism BrainNet Brain Donor Card in your wallet. This card lets your family or legal representative know to contact Autism BrainNet at the time of donation to initiate and facilitate brain donation. If you would like to receive a physical donor card, email us at [email protected].


Intent to Donate Postmortem Brain Tissue for Research Form

You can communicate to others your intent to donate your or your loved one’s postmortem brain tissue by sharing the Intent to Donate Formwith your family members. You can also include this form in preplanning documents or healthcare directives, or provide it to the funeral home.

This form only indicates your intent to donate; it is not a binding commitment to become a donor.


Your family can help carry out your decision by calling Autism BrainNet. When a death has occurred, the family or health care provider should call Autism BrainNet at 877-333-0999 within 24 hours for immediate assistance. If death is near, you can call Autism BrainNet to make plans for donation. Our staff is available 24/7 and will walk your family through the donation process.

For more information about the donation process, call Autism BrainNet at 877-333-0999 or email [email protected].