Macauley Showalter
1992 — 2000

Sweet Macaulay Rest Your Head
by Taryon Wright

Young Macaulay was so sweet
He was just eight years old
His smile could light up a dark room
His heart was strong as gold

The Vikings, movies and popcorn
Bowls of cold ice cream
Two younger brothers that he loved
Eyes that sparkle and gleam

Young sweet and very innocent
Until that sad dark day
His precious life was so short
Why’d it happen this way

Flashing lights and screams next door
Running to Vicky’s side
Support was all that I could give
Because he’d already died

His funeral was the worse
His pictures on the wall
Tears rolling down all our cheeks
A body so young and small

Never forgetting all he had
Friends, family, and more
Loving him till the very end
Never closing that door

Memories are all that’s left
His bike, his clothes, his toys
Moving on is hard to do
His happiness and his joys

Holding on to the ones that you love
Growing up so very fast
Realizing life is so precious
And love can make it last.
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Macaulay Missed
by Jenny

How could we have possibly known
That his time here soon would end.
What was He thinking…

He took our son, grandson, brother and friend.
For now our hearts are all so heavy.
Our eyes are filled with tears,
We’re left with nothing inside of us
No hopes, no dreams, but only fears.

And as time goes on
We’ll wonder if we’re ever going to be fine,
This isn’t what we ever wanted
It shouldn’t have been his time.

Now questions will always be inside of us
How could this come to be?
How could He have chosen him,
Why didn’t He chose me.

And as time continues to go by
We know some things will never be the same,
We’ll see his pictures, toys and favorite shows,
And be thinking of his name.

For we never ever will forget him
He’ll live in each of us in a different way,
Though his smiles and laughter are memories now
In hour hearts, he’ll always stay.

Whatever reason God had in store for him
He gave us 8 great years of his life,
And though it wasn’t long enough,
God knows our hurting strife.
Cuz He has chosen to call him Home
And for that reason only God could have loved him more,
He knew their was somewhere better for him,
So called him to Heaven’s Door.

He’ll never know how much he’s missed,
But one day we’ll be called home, too,
We’ll be reunited with Macaulay,
When God has his way with me and you.

Just remember he’s in Heaven above
Looking over us with angels’ wings,
He has eternal life up there,
Where he can always laugh and play and sing.
Going to be sadly missed by
your buddies Collin and Christopher