Elyssa Crystal Long
1981 — 2002

Elyssa moved out at age 20 into her own home. She had two roomates and paid her rent and food plus $50.00 for an allowance. She volunteered at the Glendale Library where she ‘worked’ for three years. She had a year and a half left of school and had perfect attendance for many years. She would get very upset if she missed school or had a schedule change.

She was always very happy and would often squeal with excitement, drawing her arms up to her chest. We planned to put braces on her teeth this year—our last goal and we did it! All my dreams came true when she was on her own with personal living skill staff to aid her in daily living skills with verbal prompts only all by herself.

From the day she was born, I was told not to get attached and that she was not going to make it. If she did, she would not be able to walk or talk and be in a ‘vegetable’ state. Well, we showed them even with two severe seizures that, each time, took the child I knew and left me with one so impaired that we had to start all over again; each time with more obstacles, more schools, more therapies. On and on to where she was before she died. My baby has grown up and she is a beautiful young lady named Elyssa Crystal Long and she is home with God. We kept cheating Death but know it is time to go where she belonged from the day she was born.

Thank you for the best 20 years, almost 21, I ever had.

Love ya,
Celeste Adele Killoren

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC—Elyssa Crystal Long 20, born 12-11-81 in Anchorage Alaska, passed away at 1:35 p.m. on September 14th of the year 2002. Daughter of Celeste & Jeff Killoren. She leaves 2 sisters, Meagan 10 & Taylor 7mos.

Elyssa was a preemie at birth 2 lbs. 10ozs. 28 weeks into the pregnancy. She was a beautiful and strong willed person then and throughout her life. She had many obstacles that at times seemed impossible. But she managed somehow to prove to everyone she’s not a quitter even at the end. I told her I was so proud of her and it’s okay to leave us now. If you ever met Elyssa just once you would never forget her: and that smile.

A true blessing from God. We love you Tiger! All her family and friends are truly going to miss her!

In Loving Memory of my Child.

In Loving Memory of our child:


Elyssa Crystal Long


The giver of
laughter and the taker
of hearts. Taken away
from us by our savior.
With undefined
remorse from her
family, helping the
Lord above to
pronounce the need
for faith. the want for
happiness, she gave
nothing but herself.
Both her friends and
family will miss her
very much, but she
will live indefinitely
through the life of her
spirit and the words

of the Lord.
God bless you and we
will always love you
without boundaries,