Elliott Thomas Dawson
1998 — 2016

18 Years

Olivia Dawson & Katie Fuhrman

The sun is shining, oh why am I crying?
It’s when the rain comes down that I should grieve
I can hear you telling me words of wisdom
Offering me a final state of peace

Our dream is to be songwriters someday
In spirit you will be with me
Which together we will fulfill for all my days
There was no pain nor suffering

The emptiness is so unbearable that my subconscious
told me you were here

It’s a heartbreak unlike any other I have felt before

In 18 years, you touched so many lives (X2)
We can only hope to touch that many in a lifetime

We shall rejoice in the name of the beloved
For God has you in his palms
Your inspiration is alive in me giving me the strength to succeed
In God’s call for us

When the sun comes shining, may I hear your guitar’s
Melody travel through the rays from above
Heaven’s choirs are now replaced with dozens and dozens of bars
Which you created


Voces Lucis

Andrea Ramsey


Voices of light,
Gently in the night
Whispering to me
When I am weary;
Voices of light,
What are you telling me?
Sing, and I will Listen,
For I am afraid.
“Do not be afraid,
For we are with you always!
We surround you,
Shield you from evil.
All shall be well
If you trust in us.”

Voices of light,
I hear your words.
My fear has fled;
I am ready.