Bridget M. McAllister
1987 — 2004


By Bridget M. McAllister

Love is the glue that keeps us together.

In the dark of the night
When all hope is lost,
And many have tried,
One shall step in and prove,
Though the past can cause pain beyond thought,
Actions and words can mean nothing.

Though our faces are different,
Every heart is the same.

The pain of past is healed,
Not by us alone.

It must be aided by those who take time to learn.

When who we think is our worst enemy,
Hidden beneath is a heart purer than gold and lighter than light.

Whose soul has been beaten by those whose heart and soul
are blacker than coal.

Who care not for the world around us and disbelieve,
We can see love and light around us.
But when others see the truth they learn that though we are different
We have more than one reason for being.
One in which we all share.
And we must learn that we have been given a precious gift,
And we are meant to understand the meaning of love,

Though some are still being ridiculed today,
The hopes and dreams we have today will be history tomorrow.

And the enemies we’ve hated will be friends we love.
Although we may not know it all over the world every day,
Every week,
Every month,
Every year,
Friends and history are being made.
And in the distant future the things we did,
Time we spent
And the talents we have
Is changing the future and being remembered as pure goodness.

“Although we may not know it, all over the world everyday,
every week, every month, every year, friends and history are being made.
And in the distant future, the things we did, the time we spent, and the
talents we have are changing the future and being remembered as pure goodness.”


Bridget Mary McAllister

April 4, 1987 — May 31, 2004

Beloved daughter of Rush & Annie; dear sister of Matthew

“Love is the glue that keeps us together.”