Aaron Daniel Carey
1995 — 2005

Aaron died in his sleep on August 20, 2005. His family has created a website in his honor and the following is an excerpt from that site. Aaron authored a memoir, and this is one chapter from his writings:


There are 2 kinds of change; for one kind of change, you can prevent, like you can prevent a forest from changing into a mall if you protest hard enough. The other kind of change is inevitable. The kind of change that is inevitable, and the kind of change that I am writing about, is transition.


Transition is a thing that happens slowly and yet happens every day. I am a 14-year-old boy, but I started out as a little kid and transition into a 14-year-old boy. In addition, I will be transitioning from an elementary school to a high school. In some cases, I am ready for this change of environment, but in other cases, I am not.


I won’t see the teachers who helped me through elementary school again. I won’t see the same kids again. I will live under different rules. The size of the two schools is going to be different. Elementary school was small and high school is going to be large. Worst of all, I have been to the same school for 8 years and now it seems like the life that I have been used to for 8 years being yanked away from me.


—Aaron Carey