Blake Beust Smith
1975 — 2024

Blake Beust Smith

June 6, 1975 – January 31, 2024


Blake, born in 1975 in Houston to Brenda Beust Smith and William A. (Bill) Smith, passed peacefully at age 48 on January 31, 2024.


Autism did not prevent Blake from learning to communicate with facilitation nor diminish his joy at being at his father’s side and with his football players after games, riding team buses home after wins. Blake could often be found watching videos of Dad’s Aldine High School National football win and videos of “Didi” (Aunt Audrey) playing guitar. Music was central to Blake’s life. When no games were on to watch with Dad, Blake’s portable radio was glued to his ear, or he’d be playing his own “compositions” on his guitar or Uncle John’s piano.


Blake’s special outing delights (when not with friends) included peanut butter malts, buying baloney from his friends at A-1 Market, driving around Sheldon State Prairie Park, Eisenhower and Duessen Parks, and golf-cart rides on Bolivar Peninsula beach.


Blake gave in death, as in life, with organ / tissue donations to LifeGift and Autism BrainNet.