Samuel "Sammy" Kern
1997 — 2005

I want to read for you something I’ve heard before.
Some might say,
“How? How? How can there be more?

His name was to be
Nikoli Augustus,
but his mother threw a fustus!
Mommy said “I disagree, I disagree, I mustus.”
For nothing rhymed with Augustus.

So, your dad thought and he pondered, he sat and he wandered,
“Name….name…..what shall it be?”
“What name would fit thee?”
Then…… it came about! and Dad threw out a shout
“Sam shall it be. He will be a great Sam, you’ll see!”

You hummed and hummed till your feet dropped.
You hummed and hummed till our ears about popped.
You were the best, I don’t mean to boast,
but you know Sissy loved you most.

We searched here we searched there,
we searched everywhere.
We hoped you were here but we could not see you anywhere.

I said if I found you, Sam,
I would eat green eggs and ham.
I would even eat ten cans of Spam.

I will miss you and your little nose.
I will miss you from your head to your toes.
Mommy and I will miss every last look.
Sam, I must finish my book.

I will miss my little man, my little Sam I am.
—Todd Kern
Sammy’s Father

Sleeping on the stairs


Jumping on the trampoline


Dancing with Sissy


Playing in the ball pit