Graham Brown
1990 — 2015

Our son Graham Brown was born March 27, 1990. We lost him suddenly on July 15, 2015 at age 25 as a result of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).


Graham lived with the challenges of severe autism, was nonverbal, had an intellectual disability, epilepsy, a mood disorder and was an XYY male (he was extremely tall at 6’10”). Although he had a very significant level of disability, his autism gave him a unique perspective on life. Graham had many endearing quirks. Although he could not speak, he communicated very well and was able to convey his feelings, perceptions and wants. He taught us so much with his love of life, his pure joy (even though it could get very noisy at times), his sense of humour and his unique “Graham-ness”. Graham had a very vibrant personality. He loved nature, especially water. He also loved colouring, cut and paste, his stuffed animals, puzzles and being read books. He was very happy to live on a farm at his group home where his uniqueness was accepted, accommodated and honoured.


Graham touched many lives, not just his family but the many professionals who worked with him. We all feel that Graham taught us so much. All of us miss Graham’s joy and exuberance and his wonderful sense of humour.