Caleb Kenneth Valle
2002 — 2005

Caleb was born to Julie and Enrique Valle on a beautiful July day, weighing 8 lbs; 1 oz. From the day he was born we knew he was and that he was going to do something big one day. Caleb had many obstacles to overcome due to his Autism, but from the beginning Caleb was bound and determined to be the “big trooper” through it all, even up until the end. During the 2 1/2 years that god gave him to us, his father and I learned a lot. We learned patience and understanding but mostly what unconditional pure love is. And that is some thing we will never forget.


Even though he is in Heaven doing a big job that God knew only Caleb could do, his dad and I will always be grateful for the time we had with him, even as little the time was, that he was in our life. And we will love him until the end of time.


We love you, Caleb Kenneth!!

Love Mommy and Daddy


Caleb is survived by his parents Julie and Enrique Valle, and his brother, Andrew Valle, all from Modesto; his grandparents Susan and Ken Straughn, grandfather Rigoberto Valle, all of Modesto, and grandmother Elva Costa of Mesa, AZ.


My Darling Son;
You came with two tiny hands to reach out to
the world to touch and shape all the universe has
to offer.


Two tiny feet to explore, one small step at a time,
All that lies ahead and beyond our imaginations.
Leaving foot print unlike any of those before
them, or any to come after.


One big heart while tiny in size, so pure, so open, so
innocent and so full of love to give.


You have enriched my life in so many ways.
You’ve shown mc beauty that I wasn’t able to
discover on my own, and you’ve helped me see
a future filled with promise, that I will see you
again one day.


You are in my heart always and forever…


Love, Mommy