Director’s message; April 2020

Dear Friends,

We hope that you, your family, and your friends have been spared by the coronavirus. Of course, many thoughts go through one’s head when you experience something as frightening as this pandemic. It reminds me of how much science still needs to be done in order for us to understand our world and to overcome the many threats that still remain.

In many respects, science is an antidote to new diseases and new environmental challenges. I am an optimist and I am confident that science will beat the coronavirus – we will have a vaccine and we will have a cure. There is also much that we need to know about autism in order to reduce the disabilities associated with the disorder. With this, and every future newsletter, we will highlight new research based on the analysis of the postmortem brain that is bringing us closer to that understanding.

Even in the midst of this pandemic, Autism BrainNet continues to function as a sensitive and authoritative recipient of postmortem brain donations.

We are here to answer your questions and carry out your donation wishes.

Please stay safe as we hope for a rapid return to things the way they used to be.

With best wishes,
David G. Amaral, Ph.D.
Scientific Director, Autism BrainNet