Welcome to the Autism BrainNet tissue catalogue.

The catalogue lists fixed and frozen brain tissue from individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), other neurodevelopmental disorders and controls that was collected by Autism BrainNet (and previously by the Autism Tissue Program [ATP]) and is now available for research use.

Researchers may use the catalogue to search available specimens from which to request samples and select specimens of interest to generate a collection ‘code’ that can be used to indicate preferred specimens with a tissue request application.

Searches may be filtered by the donor’s sex (male/female), age, and diagnosis (ASD– brains from individuals with a confirmed diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder; Control– brains from individuals with no known psychiatric or neurological conditions; Other– brains from individuals with a genetic or other diagnosed disorder but not ASD), as well as by tissue preparation (frozen/fix/celloidin). Tissue quality measures such as post-mortem interval (PMI), and RNA Integrity Number (RIN) are also provided.

Each ASD diagnosis has been confirmed via postmortem Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R) or through record review. Additional phenotypic and genetic information on the donors will be also available to approved researchers.

The catalogue is continuously updated as new diagnoses are confirmed and donations are received. You can access the tissue catalogue here.

More information about the tissue request process can be found here.

Questions about tissue requests should be addressed to requests@autismbrainnet.org.