The Autism BrainNet coordinator will provide detailed handling instructions and advise on shipping at the time of donation.

In general, the following procedures apply:

  • Fresh Tissue. The brain is protected and packed in ice for courier pick-up within 24 hours.

In cases where the tissue is processed at the recovery site:

  • Frozen Tissue: Pack the frozen sections (already in individual sequentially numbered bags) from the left hemisphere and cerebellum in an insulated Styrofoam shipping container with enough dry ice to last for 48 hours (ideally 10lbs).
  • Formalin Tissue: Place the formalin fixed right hemisphere, right cerebellum and brainstem into double plastic bags and then into containers with ample room for the tissue.

Note: Both boxes (do not ship in one container) are to be sent overnight by FedEx, USPS Priority Overnight Delivery, or couriered to our facility at the discretion of program staff.